How to use gipanels

gipanels, is an online Social media promotional service. you can get super fast likes, comments, followers and views in very simple way.

How to add instagram likes

How to add instagram Views

How to add instagram Custom comments

How to add instagram followers

How to add Facebook post likes

How to add Facebook page likes

How to add Facebook video views

Super Fast Delivery

We ensure speedy delivery, within or less than a minute.

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Live support in the form of chat is available, any time of the day.

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Interface is very simple to use. Basically, all that is needed to register is a valid email.

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Reasonably priced, excellent, top of the line service.

Safety and Security

Your security is one of our top priorities. We do NOT need your Instagram passwords or any other important personal details. We do NOT employ 3rd party sites.

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